Wedding Invitations

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The bride/boss


Design and produce invitations for a wedding. The couple were having 3 separate events to celebrate their union; the daytime service, the evening reception party and a 2nd reception party for a family who could not attend the wedding service. The bride asked me to design 3 separate invitations for each event.

The couple appeared to be an odd match. The bride was a super smart paralegal graduate, a big, bubbly character with Nigerian heritage. The groom was a towering, gentle giant, a pagan musician who looked like a Norse Viking. But in each other’s company it was obvious they were soul mates.

The pagan influence meant nature was to feature heavily in all 3 events. The service was conducted outdoors in a wooded clearing. The 2nd reception party was for the Nigerian family members who couldn’t make it to the wedding service. With this in mind the invitations needed to include foliage, flora and fauna from UK and Nigeria accordingly. I found some British wildflowers graphic assets for the UK themed invites and some tropical flowers and palm leaves for the Nigerian invites. I wanted the feature typeface to be a handwritten script to maintain the natural feel so I went with Ballada.

Wedding invitation – Daytime service

Wedding invitation – Evening reception

Wedding invitation – Nigerian reception

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