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Plan A are an architects, surveyors & construction practice based in Greyshot, Surrey.


Plan A’s situation was a bit bleak: If they wanted to make an edit to their existing website, no matter how complex or simple, whether it was a structural, function or content edit, they had to place a request with the website designer who, after a day or two would pass on the request to the web developers who built the site to action, which would typically take at least a further 2-3 days. Simple content edits were taking around a week to complete. This unnecessarily long-winded and drawn out process, as well as the substantial fees that the designer and developers were charging for their services, had become unacceptable to Plan A.

I offered to design and build them a replacement website using WordPress so they could make minor edits for themselves without incurring any significant bill from a web designer. In with the new build, I incorporated responsive resizing, manageable image galleries, a blog page, SEO and daily backups. I host, manage and maintain the running of it all for them.

Plan A website – home page

Plan A website – Architecture & Design page

Plan A website – home page on a mobile device

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