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We Build People is a Youth Engagement Mentoring Organisation offering support in areas of physical fitness, personal development, mental health and well-being.


The client needed a logo and identity system that covered the wide range of disciplines the organisation worked with.


At the root of the system is a word mark made from the organisation name initials. Supporting this core word mark we established an icon mark for each of the 8 disciplines. Continuity was kept through a common colour pallet and style.

Mascot Characters:

With the general marketing in mind, we also developed 4 mascot characters to help connect with the target youth audience.

Company ID Guide:

To tie all the deliverables together we created a guidelines document to describe how all the elements have been designed to work together for any possible scenario and the best practice for using them.


My process always starts with typography and icon mark exploration. I usually begin in B&W but the client had a specific colour pallet in mind and I didn’t see any reason to advise against it so started working through some initial ideas.

Typography exploration

The concept of building personal growth, physically, mentally and emotionally immediately suggested the use of bricks/blocks as a visual element.

Icon mark exploration building block themed

Another theme I wanted to explore was the different ways we could represent fitness and strength in a physical way; running, boxing, weights etc.

Icon mark exploration fitness themed

The idea of designing a mascot character was to provide a reusable vehicle for applying the logo in real world situations like event posters.

Mascot character exploration

Following a development progress review with the client in which we discussed what was working and what wasn’t, we identified one of the designs was a little too much like the Adidas logo.

We decided the brick/building block designs didn’t embody the personable nature of work WBP is all about. At the same time we identified this, we also realised Adidas have multiple icon marks in their company identity system. Each icon mark can accompany their word mark, presumably for specific purpose and application.

We liked that flexibility so we established the word mark on it’s own as the core logo;

We then created an icon mark for each of WBP’s 8 core values; Strength, Resilience, Perseverance, Support, Friendship, Success, Mental health & Compassion.

Next we developed the mascot characters in to a diverse group of 4 “urban” youths that we targeted to be relatable to the youths who would be engaged in WBP workshops.

Mascot characters final designs

And a single logo consolidating all core value icons.

Finally, I packaged the entire system into a brand guide booklet detailing all assets, typeface, colour pallet, best practice and examples of use and misuse.

We Build People brand guide

We Build People brand guide

Examples of use:

We Build People event poster

We Build People stationery

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