South Manchester Installations & Auto Electrics Ltd

Branding, Company Identity


South Manchester Installations & Auto Electrics Ltd


  • Design logo system for client’s auto electric installations business.
  • New business started by a highly skilled and experienced auto electrician.
  • The company is an auto electrical service based in South Manchester, covering the city and surrounding areas.
  • Undertaking contract work nationwide and in Europe.
  • Servicing commercial business suppliers, the general public and high-end vehicle owners.


  • Logo: Centred in Manchester, the client stipulated the logo must incorporate the Manchester worker bee logo.
  • Company ID guide.
  • Uniform: standard work t-shirts and hoodies featuring the company logo.
  • Business cards.
  • Van/SUV decals.


My process always starts with client discovery interviews followed by typography exploration. I shortlist a few typefaces whose character complimented the company’s tone of voice, as I understood it.

Typography exploration

Next I researched into the bee symbol and it’s relationship with Manchester to see if there was an official bee logo I could incorporate. Then I explored different ways to symbolise the auto electrical and mechanic functions of the companies key services.

Icon exploration

After a while I had 2 or 3 typeface combinations and a library of symbols and bee icons I could combine into possible logos. All shortlisted logo design feature the Manchester bee.

Idea 1: The bee in this one looks most like the official Manchester bee logo. The cog represents the mechanical aspect of the company services.

Idea 2: The square with circles at each corner represents 4 wheeled vehicles the company works on and the bee at the centre.

Idea 3: The small squares stepping into the bee containing square represent the action of installation, one of the main company services.

Icon and text mark shortlist

The client liked Idea 1 with the official bee logo and the cog.

Final logo lockup

With the chosen logo locked in, we set about creating the company brand identity guide, business card designs, uniform application and van decal designs.

Brand ID Guide

Brand ID Guide

Business Card

Uniform T-Shirt and Hoodie

Van Decals

SUV Decals

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