RS Connect (trading as RS Fleet Installations)

Branding, Stationery, Literature, Signage, Vehicle Livery


In 2014 RS Fleet Installations took on investment from a private equity firm and rebranded as RS Connect. The investors brought in an external design agency that did the creative work. I worked with them to put together the new website and, with the new branding established, I set about applying it to every area in the company; building signage, vehicle livery, uniforms, stationery, social media, and all marketing literature.

RS Connect Building Exterior Signage 2015

RS Connect Visitor’s Reception Area

Stair Well Artwork

Graphics Room Exterior Wall Decoration:

Shortly after moving into our Coleshill premises and the rebranding, the MD challenged me to decorate the exterior wall of the Graphics Room. “Go to town!” the boss said, “Do whatever you like. Really show off what you can do!” So I came up with a graffiti-style mural covering the whole wall. We printed it in-house on our large format printer and hung it like wallpaper.

RS Graphics Department Wall Mural Artwork

RS Graphics Department Wall Without Decoration

RS Graphics Department Wall Mural Artwork in Print

Graphics Department Wall Decoration Application

RS Graphics Department Wall With Finished Mural


Producing the company uniform required me to contact embroidery companies, request quotes and samples, produce mockups for approval and then supply the artwork for production. The design was basically a billboard of all the insurance companies we were stalling telematics boxes for, and of course, our logo front and centre/left breast.

RS Connect Installer Uniform Polo T-shirt

Vehicle Livery:

Our installers are the customer-facing part of RS and the most impacting brand image they have is their van. The rebrand from RS Fleet Installations to RS Connect required the whole fleet livery to be updated.

RS Connect Ford Fiesta

RS Connect Ford Transit Connect

Company Profile Brochure:

The company profile brochure is the main tool in the Sales Team’s bag of tricks. It outlines the company’s objectives, strengths, expertise, experience, size and capabilities. It has to be informative, easy to understand, attractive, engaging and impressive.

RS Connect Company Brochure


The monthly Newsletter was one of the more enjoyable repeat publications I produced. Although the process of gathering news items from the various departments every month was very challenging I always took a lot of pride in the final product.

RS Connect Newsletter

RS Connect Newsletter

RS Connect Newsletter WordPress e-Commerce Website Build:

Looking for additional revenue streams the expanding Sales Team made a case to begin selling products online. We asked our sub-contracted Web Developer to add e-commerce functionality to our main website but his quote was too high. So I put forward a proposal that I could build a separate retail e-commerce shop in-house on the WordPress platform using Divi page builder and Woo Commerce. It took me a week and only cost RS WordPress website hosting fees.

RS Connect Shop Website –

RS Connect Booking Bot Web App:

An audit of our customer experience indicated the installation booking process could be made easier. The Software Development Team was briefed to build a booking bot web app and I was invited to help create the UI, producing prototypes, mockups and graphical assets.

RS Connect Booking Bot Rebuild:

Since the 2015 rebrand website was built, we noted quite a few limitations in the bespoke WordPress theme template. In early 2022 after the success of the RS Connect Shop website, I proposed that I rebuild the website myself using WordPress and the Divi page builder allowing us complete freedom to edit every aspect of the website without needing to hire Web Developers to edit code.

RS Connect Website –

RS Connect Website –

Social media:

When the COVID lockdown began, the most effective way we could communicate with our customers was via social media. RS increased its focus on social media marketing during this time and has continued to invest when everything started back up. I worked closely with the Marketing Team and Social Media specialists producing graphics for post adverts, infographics, special offers and charitable events.

Infographic Carousel for Instagram

Infographic Carousel for Instagram

Infographic Carousel for Instagram

Instagram Posts

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