A4 advert, web adverts & emailshot


Oxygen8 Group is a global technology provider of multi-channel solutions. Their software product solutions include a range of communication platforms designed to help increase revenue, improve operational efficiency and drive performance. The platforms offer an effective way to communicate through SMS and voice, whilst our payments platform unifies payment channels to make taking payments simple and easy.

Mock brief:

Come up with a mini-launch campaign for a new product: Evolve. An open creative brief; I was required to include an A4 Advert. The rest could be email marketing, DM, web advertising, promotional items. I produced a number of variations of an A4 magazine advert, a number of A5 direct marketing post flyers, an emailshot, 2 thumbnail web adverts, a web banner and a web skyscraper advert.

A4 magazine advert
A4 magazine advert variations
Email shot. Built using HTML
Web adverts, banner and skyscraper advert

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