Games Workshop [Mock Brief]

Literature and Packaging


Games Workshop produces fantasy miniatures. The company designs, manufactures, retails and distributes its range of role-playing games, miniatures, novels and model kits through its chain of hobby centres and independent retailers.

Mock brief:

This was a mock brief set up as a hypothetical situation.
Required deliverables:

  • A 4-page spread for their hobbyist starter magazine “Partworks”, using assets provided.
  • A 4-page article spread that would fit into one of their rule books, aka Codex, using assets provided.
  • Artwork for front of packaging box for miniatures, using assets provided.

Provided assets:

Games Workshop have an army of super talented artists who spend all their time painting georgous, detailed scenes, characters and assets. Most of these assets are perfectly usable as provided. 

Asset editing:

However, editing may sometimes be required to fit into a page layout. Extending backgrounds, compositing together two or more image assets, and editing lighting to emphasise a subject are examples of some I actually did in creating the final artwork.


  1. Composite 2 paintings together.
  2. Remove background items from the robot painting
  3. Colour correct the robot to match the background painting.
  4. Lighting edited on the background painting to draw attaention to the robot figure.

Edit: Extended background horizontally to allow full page width coverage and room for copy.

Edit: Remove background.


  1. Extended background horizontally to allow full page width coverage and room for copy.
  2. Main subject robot’s weapon end painted to poke out of the frame.
  3. Background behind main subject robot darkened and blurred to give focus to the main subject robot

Edit: Extended background vertically to suit a portrait oriented use.

Final Artwork:

Paying close attention to the style and tone established by 40 years of Games Workshop brand development I pieced together the layouts shown below.

Partworks magazine spread

Partworks magazine spread

Codex article spread

Codex article spread

Codex article spread

Packaging box for miniatures

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