Digital Portraits

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Me. Self-imposed brief.


I have always enjoyed drawing portraits in pencil. In this modern digital age, I like to keep my traditional art skills as sharp as I can with a modern digital medium. I drew these portraits directly into PhotoShop with a Wacom tablet and using photo references. Each took between 4 – 10 hours to complete.

Morgan Freeman
Audrey Hepburn
Edward Norton & Brad Pitt in Fight Club
Jack Nicholson as The Joker
Iggy Pop
Kurt Cobain
Johnny Depp
Christopher Walken
Chester Bennigton from Linkin Park
Ayrton Senna/caption>
Warhammer 40K Blood Angel Space Marine
MCU Black Panther
Natalie Portman
Steve Buscemi
Jimi Hendrix
Cheryl Cole
Brendan Lee as The Crow

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