Bright Style Home Improvements

Company ID, Marketing and Website


Bright Style Home Improvements was a new company started by a terrific salesman I was introduced to at a networking event. His background was in sales and finance and had already successfully started a couple of payday loan and finance companies.


Although he wasn’t a big fan of technology or the internet, the client did see the importance of having a web presence to refer customers to, so he asked me if I could create a website for him. Since the company was brand new he also needed a brand identity and branded marketing too.

First the company logo. The name was set from the beginning and thankfully evoked some strong and positive imagery to try out. The client chose one from my first round of ideas.

Initial ideas and development
Final Logo


When visiting customers the client wanted to bring with him a presentation pack to use as a visual aid whilst delivering his sales pitch; sort of like a printed PowerPoint presentation. It was around 30 pages, half sales material and half photos of work examples.



Finally the website. The brief was quite simple. Doesn’t need to be complicated or clever. Just a professional looking site to point customers to when asked. I think we achieved the goal nicely.

Bright Style website – home page

Bright Style website – home page on mobile device

Bright Style website – contact page on laptop

Bright Style website – contact page on tablet

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