Alpha Resourcing

Branding, Stationery & Website


Alpha Resourcing is an IT Recruitment company with offices in Birmingham and London.


They required a brand redesign, stationery, website, email signature and email shot designs.


In the course of our preliminary meetings and discussions, it was clear that Alpha Resourcing wanted to modernise their image. Their logo, palette, website, and style were all very dated so my direction was to establish a new colour palette, explore modern trend ideas, apply the new palette and modern style to the logo. I also wanted to establish an image theme, supported by the palette that could run through the whole brand. Naturally, we chose monkeys.


The client was keen to connect with a younger, energetic, vibrant audience. Their customer base was predominantly male, trendy, metrosexual almost hipster in style and very career driven. We discussed some directions and I produced some logo concepts based on those discussions. The client chose two or three to explore, eventually settling on one concept and one colour scheme.

Initial ideas and development
Logo development and exploration
Finalised Logo


Clean, simple, bold and eye catching business card design.

Stationery: Business card
Stationery: Business card


The main function of the website was to be two-way communication point between the client and their target audience. We included powerful contact forms which allow visitors to upload their CV. Also linked with Bullhorn Reach, a job vacancy platform used heavily by the client to advertise available roles, as well as direct access to the company LinkedIn profile.

Built on WordPress, I established a style using the colours chosen for the logo and stationery. I designed the home page to feature an image slider for the purpose of conveying promotional messages. So I also created a number of slides to populate it. Each slide message was aimed at either prospective employers or prospective candidates. I stumbled on a series of stock photos featuring chimpanzees in office attire, working at computers and on the phone etc. This became a recurring theme and I ended up using two or three from the series. (website no longer live) (website no longer live) (website no longer live)

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